From: Pardeeville, WI

High School: Portage High School

Class: 2018

Branch: United States Marine Corps

Why I decided to enlist in the military
I enlisted in the military because I never wanted to go the route that I saw all of my peers going. I knew that I wanted to be different, and so I decided to do the craziest thing I could think of. Traveling the world was also a huge reason for my enlistment, and that dream has definitely come true. Lastly, I wanted to show everyone I knew that I could do anything I set my mind to, and what better way to do that than serving my country?

Why I chose the Marine Corps
I chose the Marine Corps because I felt the call to greatness and the Corps is the epitome of excellence. I strive to be the very best at everything that I do, the Marine Corps settles for nothing less than the best. I see the Marine Corps core values as a standard to live life by and I plan on doing so till the day I die.

Basic training location
Parris Island, South Carolina

Basic training dates

Job in the military
In the Marine Corps, my job is a 4571 Combat Videographer.

Family in the military
My father was in the Army, as was my stepfather. I have two uncles who are Marine veterans, and one uncle who was in the Air Force. I am the first female in my family to join the military. Also, every Marine to the left and right of me.

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