Hunter Rose

Hunter Rose with his parents Elaine and Nick after graduation from US Navy basic training.

Hunter is currently station on the USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76), homeported in Japan. His parents, Elaine and Nick, were presented with his Travel Award and t-shirt on his behalf. Hunter is planning on making a trip home to Wisconsin near the end of the year.

From: Monroe, WI

High School: Monroe High School

Class: 2019

Branch: United States Navy

Why I decided to enlist in the military
To serve my country and earn my freedom and fight for those back at home.

Why I decided to the Navy
I picked my branch because of previous family members.

Basic training location
Great Lakes, Illinois

Basic training dates
Left on July 3, 2019

Job in the military
Aviation Boatswain Handler

Family in the military
My Grandfather that has passed now but he was also in the Navy.

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