Cody Kastner

From: Blanchardville, WI

High School: Pecatonica High School

Class: 2019

Branch: United States Marine Corps

Why I decided to enlist in the military
Good way to serve my country and a good route for me after high school. Also I can go to college for little cost.

Why I chose the Marine Corps
I like a challenge and from what I have heard this branch challenges you the most. Also a lot of my family members were in the Marines.

Basic training location
Camp Pendleton, San Diego, California

Basic training dates
October 28, 2019

Kastner after basic training graduation

Job in the military
I would like: 1. Infantry 2. Weapons/ground ordance and maintenance. 3. Motor T

Family in the military
Charles N Weier – Army; Mark A Weier – Army; Stephen Fargo – Army; Richard Fargo – Army; Harvey Fargo – Air Force; Dennis Fargo – Army; Mike Fargo – Army; John Peterson – Marines/Army; Tina Peterson – Marines; Orville Ballard – Army; Sandford Ballard – Army; Burnelle Ballard – Army; Howard Ballard – Army; Harold Ballard – Army; Russell Ballard – Army..

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