Andrew Heidl

Andrew Heidl (center) and family at the Wisconsin Army Cadets sendoff on May 30, 2020.

From: Denmark, WI

High School: De Pere High School

Class: 2020

Branch: United States Air Force

Why I decided to enlist in the military
I knew I did not want to spend my time in college, and as I tried my best to develop my character while growing up I realized that the military would be something I wanted to experience and align with my goals.

Why I chose the Air Force
I picked the Air Force because not only was my grandfather (whom I am very close to) in the Air Force, but after doing research it best suited my needs and interest while serving. Once I found the job I knew I had a passion to do there was no changing my mind.

Basic training location
Lakeland Air Force Base, San Antonio, TX

Basic training dates

Job in the military
My dream job is Pararescue, but with the way the Air Force operates their selection process I may be selected for a different Spec ops job.

Family in the military
No I don’t, which has been a small part of my choice to enlist.

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