Ben Kolasch

Ben Kolasch, Larry and Jen Jackson

From: Evansville, WI

High School: Evansville High School

Class: 2020

Branch: United States Marine Corps

Why I decided to enlist in the military
I enlisted in the Marine Corps my junior year of high school for the challenge and adventure. I wanted to push myself, and be a part of something larger. The Marines have proven to be the right choice. I have wanted to join the Marines since I was young and have a lot of family in the military and Marines also..

Why I chose the Marine Corps
Because the Marines are known for their intensity and respect, and In everything I do I push myself as hard as I can and I know the Marines will further my work ethic and passion. I have met many veterans of all branches of the military, many in my own family, but the Marines always stand out. They are the toughest, and have a mentality unlike any other branch that I’ve seen.

Basic training location
Camp Pendleton, San Diego, California

Basic training dates

Job in the military
My MOS will be infantry. I hope to get adventure out of this and join force recon.

Family in the military
My father was in the Army along with an uncle who served in Vietnam and died of PTSD related issues, two uncle who were in the Navy, my cousin just got out of the Marine Corps, an aunt who was in the Army, and an uncle who was a Drill Sergeant in the Army and is currently reserves.

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