From: Monticello, WI

High School: Monticello High School

Class: 2020

Branch: United States Navy

Why I decided to enlist in the military
I enlisted in the military so that I could get a push in the right direction in life. I decided that I was going to enlist to help pay for college as well as to get hands on knowledge for future career paths as well as to serve my country.

Why I decided to the Navy
I chose to enlist in the Navy because I want to be able to travel around the world and see new places, although I’m excited to travel and visit new places I want to be able to come home when I get the chance to see my family. A compelling reason I had to enlist is that I have family members that have served and I want to continue the family tradition.

Basic training location
Great Lakes, Illinois

Basic training dates
July 28, 2020

Job in the military
I am an Apprentice and plan on becoming a Fireman through the E-PACT Program.

Family in the military

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