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What's a Ticket Home Award?

Simply put, a Ticket Home is our promise to help new military members pay travel expenses for a visit home after arriving at their first permanent duty station. Typically, a Ticket Home award is worth $500 if you are coming home from somewhere in the US, and up to $1,000 if you are coming home from an overseas base.

We review applications and give Ticket Home awards monthly. The number of awards we are able to give depends on our fundraising. Application deadlines and selection dates are listed below.

IMPORTANT: Before You Begin Your Application

  • Please be advised that due to the high volume of applications we receive and funding limitations, we are able to provide awards for a small percentage of applicants.
  • Each month, the number of applications we accept is capped at 300. Once we receive 300 applications for a given month, the application period is closed until the beginning of the next month. If the application period for this month has already closed, please come back at the beginning of next month to apply.
  • Please review our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page to understand more about our Ticket Home program.
  • Applications are reviewed monthly. All dates below are in US Central Standard Time.
  • Applications submitted on or after end of the month will be reviewed at the beginning of the month after it was received. For example: Applications submitted in January will be reviewed in February.
  • Those selected to receive a Ticket Home Award will be notified by email. Awardees will also be posted on our website and may be used in promotional materials.


Thanks for your interest in applying for a Ben Jackson Foundation Ticket Home Award!

We have reached our limit of 300 applications for the current month and are no longer taking applications until the start of the next month. Please check back on the 1st of the month to complete your application!

Apply for a Ticket Home

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