Home For The Holidays Campaign 2022

Home For The Holidays

We’re Kicking Off Our Annual Home For The Holidays Campaign!

For many of us, the holidays can be a difficult time. For those who are serving our country away from home in a stressful environment, especially those who are separated from their families for the first time, it can be even harder.

I hope you will consider joining us in our 2nd annual Home for the Holidays campaign. All donations received during the month of November will reunite a military family this holiday season. Last year you generously donated $21,390 providing 33 Ticket Home Awards!! We hope to do even more this year. With your support, we are confident we can do just that!!

Help reunite a military family

The Ben Jackson Foundation “Ticket Home” Program provides financial assistance that enables young military members to take a trip home from their first permanent duty station to visit family and friends. From saying goodbye to a loved one—to meeting a new family member—to being present at an important family event, the reasons behind travel award applications are diverse, but they all share something in common—the longing to connect.

Founded just four years ago, the Foundation has experienced unimaginable growth—from 3 applications in 2018 (100% funded) to 3,886 in 2021 (4% funded). For every award that is given, 29 are turned away, which leaves thousands of unfunded applications per year.

The number of Ticket Home awards we can grant is directly dependent on the funds we raise. With your help, we can help reunite more military families.

Join our crew of Maintainers

A regular, monthly gift will provide ongoing support to our newest military members and their families:

  • $10 or $20 per month makes a huge difference!
  • $50 per month to bring home 1 military member from a domestic base
  • $100 per month to bring home 1 military member from an overseas base

Become one of our 100 Heroes

Your donation can directly impact a service member and their family. Please consider one of these gifts. 100% of your donation will be used for Ticket Home award(s):

  • $500 to bring home 1 military member from a domestic base
  • $1000 to bring home 1 military member from an overseas base
  • $2500 to bring home 3 to 5 military members
  • $5000 to bring home 5 to 10 military members

The following are just a few stories that service members have shared in their applications:

“Lately, I have been struggling because I have not seen my family, so this award will allow me the opportunity to reconnect with them.”

“My mother is a single parent with my two younger siblings at home. I have no way of seeing my family and won’t have an opportunity for a long time. They miss me so much."

“A ticket for a round trip back home is approximately $2,000. Being a lower ranking enlisted service member, I don’t have the finances to pay for such an expensive trip.”

Ticket Home awards reunite service members with their families, creating memories, raising morale, and easing the burden of their sacrifice. We invite you to consider sponsoring a “Ticket Home” for one or more military members. On behalf of our applicants and their families, we thank you for considering our request for support.

Donate at benjacksonfoundation.org/donate or by mail to Ben Jackson Foundation, PO Box 818, New Glarus, WI 53574

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