Memorial Day 2020

Over the last few weeks, all of us have made sacrifices by physically distancing ourselves for the safety of others.  We have canceled graduations, family parties, birthdays, and many other events. We know the stakes are high. We also know that this is temporary, and one day we will embrace our loved ones again.

What we have experienced during these few months might help us to understand, even if in a very small way, what our military members do for us every day. They choose to endure separation from loved ones for long periods of time to protect others. They know the pain of missed parties, birthdays, and graduations. They know the stakes are high as they put their lives at risk. They dream of visits home to hug loved ones.

Eventually, the social distancing requirements brought on by COVID-19 will be relaxed. When they are, our military members will still be out at their duty stations, making the choice to endure separation for our good.

Your gift to the Ben Jackson Foundation ensures that these military members have the funds to travel home when they are able to do so. Your donation reunites families and bolsters spirits.

In honor of Memorial Day 2020, a day on which many of us will feel the pain of being separated from family, we invite you to make a gift that will bring some of our youngest service members home to be with family and friends.

Better yet, please consider becoming a regular donor. $42 per month is enough to send one person home each year.

Even as you honor Ben’s legacy with your gift, please feel free to give in memory of a loved one who you are thinking about this Memorial Day as well. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me at

Thank you for your ongoing support of our efforts,

Larry Jackson

“We are forever grateful for the gifts of your donors.”

—Deana Dopp, Mother of AS3 Trenton Eisch, US Navy

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