Paffel Prepares for the Army

Austin Paffel. Photo by Broken Arrows Photography

Introducing Austin Paffel, a 2020 graduate of Juda High School and a recipient of a Ben Jackson Foundation Travel Award.  Paffel celebrated graduation Wednesday, June 3.

Paffel will travel to Fort Jackson, SC for Basic Training on June 7.  Upon completion of Basic Training in August, Paffel will then travel to Fort Lee, VA for AIT.  He will train to be a Generator Mechanic at Fort Lee.  When he is not working on generators, he will also be training on trucks and other machines.

He enlisted with a 3 year commitment to the Army on September 4, 2019.  At this time he is not certain, but he will consider re- enlisting at the end of the 3 years.  Paffel is planning a career in the mechanics field.  He has spent a lot of time thinking about and preparing for the Army.  As a result, he is not really feeling nervous.  His mother, Bridget, is sad to see him go but is also happy that he joined the Army.   

Paffel learned about the Ben Jackson Foundation through an email from the Guidance Counselor at Juda High School. 

The Ben Jackson Foundation congratulates Paffel on his graduation and thanks you for your willingness to serve!  Good Luck!

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