Are Reservists or Members of the National Guard Eligible to Receive Travel Awards? Yes!


You might be wondering if our Travel Awards can be given to those not entering the active duty military. The answer is that they can!

While these service members will typically find themselves in different circumstances than their active duty counterparts, they have also committed to serving our county in the military. A core part of our mission is to recognize all those who make the commitment to serve, and we want to recognize that commitment by giving them a Travel Award.

At the time they are presented with the award, they will receive everything that an active duty enlistee receives – an award certificate, a shirt representing their branch of service, and a commitment to provide financial benefits to be used to help pay for a personal trip home.

Most reservists and National Guard members are not permanently stationed away from home. Because of this, they may not make a qualifying trip (a trip home from their first permanent duty station). They may be eligible to receive benefits under certain conditions:

  • If the service member transitions to active duty. In this case, they will receive financial benefits related to their first trip home from their first permanent duty station.
  • If the service member (or their unit) is activated and deployed. If they make a trip home during while their unit is away from home, they will receive financial benefits. This does not apply to the trip when their entire unit returns home. This is because the military pays for travel to and from training activities and deployment locations.

If you have any questions about this, please contact us!

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