Snell Gets An Early Start on Marine Corps Career


The Ben Jackson Foundation is excited to introduce it’s newest travel award recipient, Jaden Snell.  Snell is an early 2020 graduate of Edgerton High School.  

Snell has enlisted in the Marine Corps and has a tentative leave date of February 10th.  Basic Training will be at Camp Pendleton in San Diego and will last 13 weeks. She hopes to be back home in May to walk in the graduation ceremony on May 17th with her class.  

Snell chose to enlist in the Marine Corps to challenge herself both physically and mentally. She is excited to say that she “did it” upon completing basic training. Her goal is to be an Intel and Communications officer.  After basic training, Snell will be studying Communication and Technology at Parris Island, South Carolina.

Snell is nervous about not having her biggest supporters by her side as she adjusts to life in the Marine Corps. She will miss her family and friends, including her 10 year old cat, Larry.  The recent loss of her neighbor has inspired Snell to be strong.  Before passing away, she told Snell to “spread her wings and fly”. Snell has taken this to heart and has a personal motto, “Because of a hero, be a hero.” In true Wisconsin spirit, she will also miss Culver’s Restaurant.

Janel Snell, Jaden’s mother, describes her as being very determined.  Janel believes that the experience in the Marine Corps will “enhance her belief in herself.”  Snell’s mother is excited to see Jaden earn the title of Marine. Janel has always told her, “life is full of choices, so think long and hard about the choices you make.”  Janel is very proud of her daughter’s choices.

Snell was referred to the Ben Jackson Foundation by her recruiter, SSgt Lindsey Schindler, and feels that this in “one of the best foundations out there.” The award allows enlistees to have comfort in knowing that they will be able to travel home. 


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