Skylar West

Sky West, Tara Darnell, and Larry Jackson

From: New Glarus, WI

High School: New Glarus High School

Class: 2017

Branch: United States Navy

Why I decided to enlist in the military
I decided to enlist in the military because it had tons of options and routes for me to choose. I saw it as an opportunity to possibly find something I like to do and start my career at 18 and possibly retire at 38, as well as also have the option to go to college for four years and get out with a degree of some sorts and benefits to go back to college and study for a career I would love to do the rest of my life.

Why I chose the Navy
I picked the Navy because we travel the most, and usually have the best duty stations because they are right on the beach. Also because the Navy is the is simply the best branch!

Basic training location
Great Lakes, Illinois

Basic training dates
Left  on 10/17/2017

Job in the military
I am currently an Aviation Electronics Technician.

Family in the military
I had an uncle who served in the National Guard.

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