Donations have been made to the Ben Jackson Foundation in honor of or in memory of individuals named below. If you would like to make a donation In Honor of or In Memory of an individual or group, please visit our Donate page for more information.

In Honor Of

  • Lt. Colonel Jennifer Andersen, Ret.
  • SrA Evan Cameron, US Air Force - Gift from Larry and Jen Jackson
  • Karen Currie - Gift from Colin Williams
  • Robert Daria - Gift from Matthew McQueary
  • Dave Hosking - Gift from his family
  • David and Melanie Jackson - Gift from Rachel Jackson
  • Larry and Jen Jackson - Gift from Charles Nolan
  • Charles Mick - Gift from Teri and Nick Angell
  • Eleanor Moe - Gift from Rachel Jackson
  • MSgt Ryan Ross, US Air Force - Gift from Larry and Jen Jackson
  • Emily Shea - Gift from Janet and Dan Shea
  • Jeremie and Marcus Steindl - Gift from Bethany Steindl
  • CMSgt Wenesday Traylor, US Air Force - Gift from Kevin Lord
  • Nicole Volter - Gift from Sandra G. Cleary

In Memory Of

  • Donald Baima, US Air Force
  • Daniel Bien - Gift from Andy Bien
  • Gary Brux - Gift from John Horton
  • MSgt Raymundo Contreras, US Air Force - Gift from Anonymous Donor
  • Jim Desens, US Air Force - Gift from Peter Rathmann
  • Chris Fangman - Gift from Lisa Fangman
  • Jerome Fisher, US Navy, World War II
  • Bette and Franklin Ferg
  • Walter M. Gibson, KIA 28 OCT 1969
  • Members the Goplin Family (grandmother, grandfather, mother, father and brothers) who served from WW I through Vietnam - Gift from Pat Goplin
  • Kiel Haberland, US Army - Gift from Douglas Drouillard
  • Harley Herrick, US Army
  • A1C Ben Jackson, US Air Force - Gift from Various Donors
  • NCC David S. Jackson, US Navy - Gift from Rev. Mark and Judy Renner
  • Roy Jacobson, US Navy - Gift from Megan Jacobson
  • Leander Kelter, US Army, WWII - Gift from Cheryl Kelter
  • Tom Lehr, US Marine Corps
  • John Minneci, US Army
  • Capt Nathan Olivarez, US Air Force - Gift from Justin Rufa
  • Sgt Jakob Roelli, US Army - Gift from Martin and Leanor Roche
  • Bruce Donald Weber - Gift from Dan and Chris Moe
  • Mason Wedige - Gift from John Wedige
  • Samuel Welty, Union Army, Civil War
  • Leon Werner - Gift from Bev Mansfield

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